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Why these companies? Why do this at all?

I started this home business for 2 reasons. One, of course, was to make some money and help pay bills because farms are expensive to run. But the second reason was because I liked the products. By becoming an affiliate of these companies, I was able to buy items more affordably. Legging Girl was my first company and is still my favorite go to, while Zoe prefers The Spotted Cow Mercantile for her style. All of the companies offer a variety of items that are comfortable, while being reasonably priced. I discovered the companies by accident while reading friends’ posts. I decided to just give one a try, I had never really had leggings I loved before. But that changed when I got my first Legging Girl shipment. Now I understand why people are so passionate about them. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and sometimes everything hurts. When I where leggings, it is one less thing pushing and pinching me, so my pain level is less. The variety of items and styling ideas lets me dress up leggings so that I can keep my style while feeling comfortable.

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