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Blue-Ridge Royal Zarina


IMG_0469  Welbian-Farm’s Hot Stuff VEV 87


Blue-Ridge HER Xcellency EEEE 92

Born  4/18/2009

Zarina’s nickname is “the never-ending udder” for her enormous capacity.  She can easily produce up to 2 gallons a day and is hard to dry off.  She puts everything into the bucket and never carries any extra weight. Her weakness is in attachments.   We always try to breed her to bucks who come from dams with great attachments.

Blue-Ridge Beati Pacifici



Blue-Ridge Titus   EEE 91


Blue-Ridge Yolanda EEEV 89

Born: 3/26/2011

Beati Pacifici (which means, “Blessed are the Peacemakers”) is well put together doe.  Her capacity is less than Zarina’s but she has much nicer attachments and depth of body.  She’s just a great doe for general conformation.

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