AGS Pemberley Acres PIM’s Penelope

AKA: Penny



Born 5/14/2007 (Retired)

AGS Ponders End DG Pimlico x AGS Pemberley Acres MDM Shirley

Linear Appraisal

Penny is one of our original 3 goats.  She’s also the herd queen of the Nigerians and one our favorite troublemakers.  Penny’s strengths are in her Excellent back (though she doesn’t photograph well), great udder depth, and amazing fore-udder attachment. 


She tends to put on weight easily, but her daughters have done well in every show.  Penny’s girls tend to to be excellent. In 2010, Penny developed milk fever and almost dried up.  Two weeks later, she won her class at CMR and the judge asked me why I didn’t enter her for Best Udder! In 2011, Penny gave us our first set of triplets born on the farm!  


1st (2009): Boy/girl kids that weren’t registered due to purchase problems.

2nd (2010): Aram2008-12-15_04-31-43is (buck) & Artemis (doe), Aramis ended up being very small and went as a companion buck.  Artemis was retained and as shown well and kidded as a FF this year.

3rd (2011): Banana Split (buck), Banana Pudding (doe), & Banana Cream Pie (buck) were our first triplets born on the property and Penny was a trooper.  All three went to show herds in VA.2009-02-07_00-11-34

4th (2012): QT 3.14 (doe) & Creamsicle (buck) out of Bedazzle.  QT will be retained.

5th (2013) 2 Does out of Zagnut.  Doppleganger may be available. Doppelganger was sold but then bought back! Demeter was sold.

6th (2014)  single male kid, retained Pun Kids Farm Einstein

7th (2015) single doe kid, retained Pun Kids Farm Fun-Size


Select Show History:

We haven’t taken Penny out on the circuit much as she tends give Jaycen a hard time in the show ring but here is her local history.  Also, she tends to get fat just by looking at food.


— VSDGA June show: Reserve Champion JR.


–CMR Farm Show:

–1st Place 2&3 yr old Milkers

— Reserve Champion Senior