AGS Country Daze Rose

AKA: Rosebud



Born 8/3/2007 (Retired)

AGS Rock MTN Roscoe x AGS Redbrook’s Venus

You may recognize Rosebud from our logo.  This picture, which is cropped and colored for our logo, is of Rosebud as a first freshener.  We were so appreciative of her amazing udder and conformation, that we just had to pick her.


For her 2nd freshening, her twins nursed unevenly so we didn’t show her other than at the county fair.  She didn’t kid last year, but this year has given us gorgeous boy/girl twins.  Rosebud is a fabulous milker and regularly gives more than a half-gallon a day.


1st (2009): Zagnut (buck), retained and used at stud.  Fabulous, long dairy buck.

2nd (2010): Aristotle (buck) & Abbey Road (doe), Aristotle went to Sumerduck Farm and is being used extensively there.  Aristotle’s daughters have been proving themselves quite successful in the show ring this year for Sumerducks Farm. Abbey was retained is a FF this year. Rosebud wasn’t shown that year due to both twins nursing on same side (now we bottle raise)!

(2011): Didn’t freshen.

3rd (2012): Cocoa Beans (buck) & Cool Beans (doe), both are developing nicely.  We’ve had a judge and 2 other ND breeders look over him and agree that he is a very nice looking guy.  Cool Beans will be retained as we love Rosebud’s lines.

4th (2013): Rosebud kidded twin girls on April 4th,  Dande Lion and Daff E Dill.  Unfortunately, we lost Dande suddenly so we plan to keep Dill at least for awhile to see how she develops.  At this point she is teeny tiny even at a month and a half.  Eventually sold.

5th (2014): Kidded boy/girl twins, Eek & Eep.  Eek was sold and Pun Kids Farm Eep was retained.


6th (2015): Kidded boy/girl twins, Farkle & Flash Goaton.  Farkle is a beautiful moonspotted boy who closely resembles Zagnut.  He was sold as a pet to a 4Her.  Pun Kids Farm Flash Goaton (aka Frosting) was retained.  Now we can use her and Eep as a Produce of Dam!

This udder pictroseuddersmallure, and the picture above were taken in 2015 , so she was 8 years old and  6 months fresh in them.

Selected Show History:


CMR Farm Show: 

1st in class2009-07-09_22-44-46

Reserve Ch. Nigerian Jr. Doe


CMR Farm Show:

1st: Milkers under 2

1st: Best Udder (as a FF)

Sr Champion Doe (as a FF)


CMR Farm Show:

3rd: 2-3 yr Milkers2009-07-09_22-51-43

(see note on 2010)

2011: Not shown, didn’t freshen


Orange County Fair

3rd: Dairy Sr. Milkers 3 yrs and over

(all breeds combined: 1st & 2nd were La Manchas)

Prince William County Fair

(Rosebud’s first ADGA show)

1st: Senior Milkers 5+ (open &  4H)

Best Udder in Breed

Youth Sr. Champion

Youth Grand Champion

2014 & 2015 : Didn’t show due to trailer space issues, we took mostly younger does.


Penny and Rose in their shaggy, winter coats.