Senior La Mancha Does

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Dalton’s Way W Raynee


Not the best pose.

Born 2/16/2011

Lit’l Dutch VG Irish Whisper*B VVE87   x      SG Dalton’s Way TM Riley 4*M VEEE 91 

Blue-Ridge Butterscotch BMine

 Reference Does


Gabharr Torr Supernova

(aka Chica)

born 2/12/2004


This is our lovely rescue, Chica, shown with Zoe.  When she arrived at our house she weighed only 60 lbs (up 20 from when she was rescued). While at State Fair in 2011, we were lucky enough to run into her original breeder, Karen Torrence.  We’d like to thank her for her hard work in locating Chica’s original paperwork for us.  We’re happy to know that she’s as good as we always knew she was.  We hope to bring in more Gabhar Torr genetics and have leased Gabhar Torr Phoenix to use with our senior LM does this year.

Chica does not show as she hates to leave the farm.  After all she’s been through, we don’t push the issue.  Chica is an amazing milker, she gives over 2 gallons of colostrum and often has to be milked out a month before kidding for her comfort (she then fills back up for kidding).  Her udder is huge and she produces!

2011 boy/girl twins

2012 Single buck

2013: boy/girl twins – girl retained, Dark Matter

Blue-Ridge Xaviera

(1 Official Leg)


Born: 2/27/2007

L001431311  IMG_0465

Xaviera came to us as a 4 yr old, 2nd freshener to help us keep up with our enormous need for milk during our first year bottle-feeding.  She is a great milker and generally enjoys the show ring.

2012: bogoat_winnery/girl twins – both retained Chexter & Checkmate.  Checkmate won the 2yo class at PWC Fair in 2014 and was Best Udder in Show & BOB in the Youth Show at Virginia State Fair.  (pictured at left)

2013: triplets! (2girls/1boy) – all sold, De Ja Vu is burning up the show ring with Becky Powers at Sumerduck Farm, getting Jr. Champion as a Sr. Kid at PWC Fair this year! As a 2 yo, she was 3rd at VA State Fair in 2015.
Granddaughter, by way of Pun Kids Farm Checkmate
2014: Doe kid, Eclair.  We couldn’t be happier with Checkmate’s little mini-me! We can’t wait to see her grow and develop.

Blue-Ridge Butterscotch BMine



Born: 4/13/2011

Blue Ridge Zulu EVE 90 Blue Ridge Rhea +EEE 88 (2 Official Legs)

2013: Premature triplets (2 girls/1boy).  Smallest girl survived, “Runt” is now a good sized girl.
2014: Twin girls: Eccentric (sold) and Echo
2015: Boy/girl twins
Selected Show History:


  • Prince William County Fair:
    • Open: 1st place 2yo Milker
    • Youth: 1st place 2 yo Milker
    • Open: Reserve BOB
    • Youth: BOB and Best In Show