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It’s baby season!

Kidding season started June 10th this year! So far we have had 17 babies, all twins except for 1.  Here are a few pictures of some of the earlier kids, check back for more pictures and keep an eye on the Sale Page for availability.


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Updating Website

We are finally getting around to updating the website. We moved to our own farm in the late spring of 2017 and have been getting settled ever since. Please be patient with us as we bring things up to date.

You can also find us on Facebook at Pun Kids Farm or email the farm name

Kids are here!

11 Babies so far!

I will be updating the Sales page and Breeding list in the next day or two.   Pictures and Pedigrees of kids for sale will be listed under the Breeding Schedule.  Please jump over and see some of these cuties.
















Making progress


Some pages have been completed, but others are a work in progress. One complaint about WordPress is the size limit on picture size I can upload.  This is causing a lot of downtime as I have to locate pictures and then resize them before uploading them.  Sorry for the delay. I hope to get pictures up for all of the goats soon.