Back from Prince William County Fair!

Despite the sorrow over the possibility of this being the last year of PWC Fair, we had a great time seeing old friends and showing goats. For the first time in our experience the Youth Show was held separate and with its own judge.

Youth Show Results:

Recorded Grades:

  • Khloe: 1st Place Dry Yearling, Jr Grand Champ.
  • Kate: 2nd Place Dry Yearling, Res. Jr. Grand Ch

La Manchas:

  • Lavender: 1st Place Jr. Kid, Jr Grand Champion
  • Lily: 2nd Place
  • Lexi: 3rd Place
  • Karma: 1st Place Dry Yearling, Reserve Jr. Champion
  • Jasmine: 1st Place Milker 2yr old, Res. Champion
  • Raynee: 1st Place Milkers 5+, Grand Champion, BIS Honorable Mention

Open Show Highlights:

La Manchas:

  • Raynee: 3rd Place Milkers 5 and over
  • Jasmine: 2nd Place 2yr old Milkers
  • Karma: 3rd Place Dry Yearling
  • Lexi: 3rd Place Jr. Kid

Recorded Grades:

  • Kate: 1st Place Dry Yearling
  • Khloe: 4th Place Dry Yearling

Nigerian Dwarf:

  • Knox: 4th Place Dry Yearling

Lavender and Zoe

Part of the appeal of PWC Fair has always been the people. The core group has been the same since we started about a decade ago. For my kids, these folks have been extended family during the summer, to the point where even vendors and carnival workers recognize them year after year.

It’s hatching time

Mama has someone hiding behind that beak.

It looks like we are about to see little ducklings scurrying about again. These two ladies have been hard at work nesting.

Left is Burrito sitting on her nest.

Penny, our 12 yr old Nigerian, sits in the shade.
Stinky Edgar Allen Poe insists that he needs to rub all over everyone to show his love.

Clever Coops has launched

After being inspired by a Williams and Sonama coop and redesign, we have finished our demo coop. The coop is approximately 5’x5′ and 7′ high with a a vinyl covered clean out tray, separate nesting box access, and a planter box. Extra runs are available as extensions in 4′ sections.

This model coop will be offered for $750 as a fully painted and finished coop. Half down is required to start your coop.

Email for more information!