About Our Farm

Dalton’s Way W Raynee and Zoe at the 2017 VA State Fair. Raynee has completed 2 legs of her Championship.



Pun Kids Farm Checkmate as Best Udder La Mancha in 2015






Blue-Ridge Xaviera  at  2013  VA State Fair (Xaviera was mother to Checkmate shown above)



QT 3.14 (as a dry yearling) and Jaycen at the VA State Fair  in 2013




We started this farm when our kids were ready to start 4H in 2008 after moving back to VA.  Originally we started with just a handful of Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats: Penny, Rosebud, Chili, and Peanut. Of course, more followed and then our first La Mancha, Chica, came to us from a rescue seizure.   We always knew Chica was an amazing girl, and in 2011 we met her breeder and were able to get her original paperwork!   Well, Chica was just the first of the La Mancha invasion and then came  Alpines, so now we have a farm full of goats!

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Friendly 4H family farm, home to Nigerian Dwarf, La Mancha, Alpine, and Recorded Grade Dairy Goats.